Robert Lockwood

Robert Lockwood, BA in Civil Engineering, grew up in the construction industry in Santa Fe. He practiced ….


In 1991, Robert E. Lockwood, Jr. returned to Santa Fe and became an active member of Lockwood Construction Company. Since the 1980’s, the Company’s work has focused on residential and commercial development and construction. This included the planning and development of Rancho Viejo, a 23,000-acre land development south of Santa Fe where the Santa Fe Community College was located as part of the initial development.


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  1. Connie Kawcak says:

    I just wanted to tell Robert that my dad worked for his dad all the way back to the 1960’s all over New Mexico. His name is Paul Kawcak and he was a Foreman for your father for what seems like forever. Your dad was responsible for my family beginning anew in New Mexico. We came from Coloradoi so my dad could work for your dad and we are still here. My dad had a great respect for your dad. My dad is now 86 years old and returned back to Colorado roots about 20 years ago. He worked hard for your dad’s company and together they constructed numerous projects. My dad was a jack of all trades and master of all of them! I work here in santa Fe at CYFD for the state and would love a chance to talk to you in person over a cup of coffee sometime. Thank you for the memories.

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